SFI binary generation GUI

STM32 Trusted Package Creator tool, part of STM32CubeProgrammer tool allows the generation of SFI file.

1. Preparing necessary files:

  • Preparation of the keys (AES128Key.bin and Nonce.bin), these files can by generated by STM32 Trusted Package Creator tool

  • Preparation of Option Bytes Config file (OptionBytesSetting.csv)

  • Preparation of firmware files (*.bin or *.hex)

2. SFI generation

To validate the SFI generation request, the user has to indicate files prepared in first step, select MCU family, set size of RAM memory available for SFI programming, optionally enable “Generate hash” option (in STM32H7 this is a necessary step) and select output file folder. After set all this fields generation SFI is possible.

STMicroelectronics application notes and user manuals:

[1] UM2238 - STM32 Trusted Package Creator tool software description