The installation package contains:

  1. Download installation package for Windows 10 x64 from website. Unzipped folder will contain setup.exe and GangFlasher-ST-Setup.msi files.

  2. Run setup.exe

  3. The GangFlasher-ST setup wizard will begin the installation process.

  4. Once the installation program starts, on-screen instructions will guide you through the remainder of the installation. You must accept the license agreement before using this software.

  5. During the first installation, it is also required to install the USB driver. Select the checkbox to preinstall the driver.

  6. IMPORTANT : Avoid installing GangFlasher-ST software in “C:\Program Files” location, otherwise you will need to run it using Administrator privileges. Default installation location is “C:\Elprotronic”, which is preferable because during normal operation the software regularly creates and modifies temporary files required for booting up target boards.