High-efficiency VisionSOM STM32MP1 boards programming with Elprotronic GangFlasher-ST

This tutorial describes the procedure of high throughput image downloading into VisionSOM boards. It is based on commercial software programmer Elprotronic GangFlasher-ST (7-day trial license is available):
It works on x86-64 Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Server, Linux Debian-based, and MacOS Operating Systems.

Hardware preparation

SOMLabs VisionSOM STM32MP1 board should be powered from stabilized power supply and prepared to USB DFU boot pins.

UART connection is not necessary for programming session.
Connect eight SOMLabs VisionCB boards with embedded VisionSOM modules (SLS18MP157A_650C_512R_08GE_0SF_C) to stabilized power supply (12V 2A) and USB DFU shielded cables.

GangFlasher configuration

Enabling licence for trial usage is as simply as clicking Activate button. Commercial licence key could be used on the same computer in a Operating System-independed way. Single licence once activated on Microsoft Windows is fully avaiable on Linux operating system on the same Personal Computer or Server.

Firstly please select target microprocessor from list.

Secondly configure USB ports. It is possible to auto-detect STM32MP1 targets connected in USB DFU mode.

Thirdly enable programming targets and current TSV file.

Hit Autoprogram button - boards will be booted with software programmer, then memories will be partitioned, written and verified.

In log window there is overall procedure status information and per-each-target information, with details.

OTP management

OTP’s from all targets could be read, written to separate file and easily edited.

OTP's could be programmed automatically in single session of Autoprogram. Moreover it is possible to additionally verify programmed OTP (which extends time of programming due to software reboot of board and additional time needed for booting software programmer).

DLL capabilities

Due to avaiability of DLL it is possible to include GangFlasher into client project, enabling full automatization of image downloading.

Hardware benchmarking

Please consider making benchmarks of used hardware. Fast results are often connected with usage of better hardware (types of used memories). Manufacturing verification at hardware and software development stage is always recommended. At the moment Elprotronic GangFlasher-ST supports up to 40 MBytes/s write speed and up to 80 MBytes/s verification speed - all processed parallel on eight targets.